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About Us

My creations celebrate the raw and untamed beauty that surrounds us. They capture the essence of growth, imperfection, and resilience while showcasing its soft textures and intricate patterns.

Each piece is one of a kind, never to be replicated. It tells a story, a testament to the inherent beauty and uniqueness that lies within us. Add an animal to any piece and turn it into a landscape! Revive your inner child and immerse yourself in more than just a static art piece. 

Whether you desire a captivating centerpiece for your living room, inspiring wall art for your office, or a delicate accent piece for your bedroom, my handcrafted decor is designed to elevate your space.

May these creations bring a sense of enchantment and radiance to your everyday existence, reminding you of the delicate balance that exists between the human spirit and the world we inhabit.

Mindful Mooda


Mindful Mooda started as a holistic life coaching and therapeutic art practice. After a year, Danielle found that the secret to being more mindful and gaining control over emotions lies within arts and crafts! Clients are encouraged to think less and create more! With this, they can release stress and be in the moment. Something as tactile as moss was especially beautiful and enjoyable to create. Since then, Danielle has fully immersed her business into creating with Moss and hosting events for adults to partake in the craft as well. 

Stay tuned for some local workshops!

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