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Creative Healing

Mindful Mooda's Mission is to keep young adults creative. 
Creativity inspires 
confidence, motivation, stress relief, playfulness, and restorative calmness.


It goes without saying that WE ARE STRESSED. Stressed about our careers, finances, family drama, social circle, a sense of purpose, pandemic, climate change, and the list goes on...

Amongst all of these factors taking place, making time to do art can seem extremely trivial and pointless. 

I am Danielle, founder of MindfulMooda and I can assure you that taking one hour a day to do something creative will improve your outlook and improve your mood.


Allow yourself the fun. ​

Allow yourself a break. 

Allow yourself care and nurturing attention. 

Allow yourself to reconnect to your child's spirit. 

Allow yourself to reflect. 

Allow yourself to grow. 

Let's carve out time and create! 

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