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    Holistic Life Coaching

based in Boulder, Colorado




Creative Wellness is a holistic practice that focuses on using your intuitive, creative abilities to self-reflect, problem-solve and build confidence in who you are and your journey ahead. 

Using out-of-the-box, fun techniques, we will bring calm and clarity back into your day-to-day. 

We will replace self-doubt with confidence.

We will replace anxiety with a sense of ease.

We will be present and in control. 


*You do not have to be an "artist" in order to be creative*

When you work with Mindful Mooda you...

  • Take control of the way you feel.

  • Release your stress in healthy ways. 

  • Find clarity and comfort within yourself.

  • Be creative and free from judgment.

  • Learn how to cope and overcome social anxiety.

  • Be motivated to pursue your goals.

If coaching isn't what you need right now, join me for some therapeutic art!


What Clients Say

Creative coaching allowed me to use my imagination to address my stress and learn management tactics. I really enjoyed using assimilations as a way to make sense of things and create methods of coping. Mindful Mooda has helped me handle so many different kinds of situations moving forward.

Heather 28, Orlando FL


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